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In stressful situations, whether it be the need for immediate insurance coverage or a claim, Insurance House brokers provide endless amounts of advice, guidance, and support.

Here are two client stories, to showcase how we support our clients.


Peter Canny was seeking insurance that covered his home and contents, as well as his business which was run from home. When referred to Insurance House, Peter was teamed up with Broker Sophie Nott. With great delight, she was able to tailor a package that covered his home, contents, and business insurance, even including his racing bicycles.

When the time came for Peter to, unfortunately, seek advice from a claims manager, Sophie referred him to Debbie Pickering.

“Sophie directed me through to Debbie Pickering in claims, and from there, Debbie handled things. She represented me and advocated for my case to progress with Blue Zebra. Debbie maintained a good level of communication and was patient with my check-ins as we worked through the claim.” – Peter Canny. 

After going through a claims process, would Peter recommend Insurance House to other people?

“Definitely! I engaged them to find me the best policy for my needs at the best price and asked them to advocate for me when I had to make a claim. Insurance House has proven their worth in these areas.” – Peter Canny.


Brendan Foley’s son was out of work during the Covid-19 lockdown. When his workplace reopened, his son was provided with very short notice to return to work. Before getting back on the road, Brendan assisted his son in finding insurance for his car. However, this vehicle wasn’t your typical car, it was a 4WD with many accessories and add-ons.

Brendan quickly reached out to his Relationship Manager Wendy Cheetham.

“If I have a problem, Wendy is always available to assist. Nothing is too big or small for her to handle.”- Brendan Foley.

Unfortunately, there was a delay from the insurer organising the coverage and there was very little time until his son had to return to work.

The policy finally came through on a Friday evening. Wendy called the next day to inform Brendan that insurance had been put in place for the vehicle, allowing his son to be back on the road by Monday, giving both Brendan and his son peace of mind that they are protected.

“Wendy truly went above and beyond. A normal employee probably wouldn’t call a client on a Saturday. She has the best interests of her clients at heart.”

“What I’ve found over time is sales staff can be the best brand ambassadors. Even if it’s going to cost me an extra $100 to go with Insurance House over someone else, I’ll pick Insurance House every time due to the relationships that I have built with them over 25 years and the care Wendy has provided me over the past few years. She is the ultimate ambassador.” – Brendan Foley.

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