Why choose Insurance House?

There are so many different insurance brokerages out there, so why choose us?


What makes us different is that we understand the difficulties of running a small business because we’ve been there. We understand the difficulties of running a large business because we are there. We understand personal insurance because we have it.

Insurance House started as a small firm based regional Victoria, that grew into 15 offices across four states. It is due to this that we have brokers that have expertise in a range of different divisions, from large business enterprises to home and contents insurance to life insurance.

It is our close-knit client relationship that persuaded us to change the name of our Brokers to Relationship Managers. Insurance is so much more than providing a policy. It’s about maintaining a relationship between a client and broker. Insurance House understands the importance of having a connection with clients that ranges further than just a policy.

Our Relationship Managers will support clients during a crisis, and most importantly listen to their needs. We will then find a meaningful solution that the client can see value in. During the recent Queensland and New South Wales floods we took initiative to reach out to every one of our affected clients and help them in a time they felt helpless.

Why do we do what we do may you ask?

We believe in the products that we recommend, the protection they provide but most importantly, we believe in getting it right for you. Insurance is not a one size fits all, every individual is different. It can be technical and very complicated. Going at it alone or purchasing something you don’t understand can end up costing you more if the cover isn’t right for your individual or business needs.

Most importantly, we believe in providing our clients with the right level of advice, so we can assist in protecting their livelihoods, and protect everything they have worked so hard for.

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For a conversation worth having, get in contact with one of our professional brokers. Call us today on 1300 305 834 or enquire via our website contact form.

Cover is subject to the policy terms, conditions, and exclusions.

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