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    There are so many different insurance brokerages out there, so why choose us? What makes us different is that we understand the difficulties of running a small business because we’ve been there. We understand the difficulties of running a large business because we are there. We understand personal insurance because we have it. Insurance House...

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Our clients rely on us for support and guidance. We pride ourselves as brokers. In stressful situations, whether it be the need for immediate insurance coverage or a claim, Insurance House brokers provide endless amounts of advice, guidance, and support. Here are two client stories, to showcase how we support our clients. PETER’S STORY Peter
Are you a business owner? Has your business ever been forced to close due to an unforeseen event preventing you from trading? What would your customers do if this occurred? The issue you will face if or when this occurs is, when the time comes for you to resume trading, you need to compete for
Accidents happen. Sometimes these accidents can be quite expensive. Breaking your glasses or losing a wallet can be a very stressful situation. We understand that accidents do happen. It’s not bad luck, we’re just human. While there’s no magical touch to make things come back, you can insure personal belongings. We call this accidental damage