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Climate change and other factors mean the risk of natural disasters adversely impacting small businesses is rising[1]. But there are many steps firms can take to reduce the risk of flood, fire and other catastrophes affecting their operations. Research[2] shows bushfire risks are growing across Australia, especially in coastal Western Australia, central Queensland and in
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As we return to our ‘new normal’ post lockdowns, it is important to take this opportunity and review your insurance policies, especially if you’re working and/or living situations have changed. Insurance House have received a significant increase in client enquiries around running a business from home and what that means for domestic insurance policies. As
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Get the right cover for your business As a business owner, having the right cover is essential to protect your workforce, premises and your ability to stay open should a disaster occur . Without it, you could risk losing everything you’ve worked so hard to build. But with so many options available, how can you
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Trying to work out exactly what type and how much insurance your business needs can be complex, time-consuming and overwhelming. And the wrong cover could be devastating to your business if things go wrong. With so many options on the market, and with the emerging risks such as cyber, and new products coming available all
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Considering Motor Insurance?

What is motor insurance? Motor insurance can cover your motor vehicle against accidental damage and theft. It can also protect you from the financial costs of repairing or replacing another person’s vehicle in an accident where you’re at fault. With a motor insurance policy, you can generally choose to insure[LM1]  your car for an agreed
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Insurance for retailers

What challenges are you facing? As a retailer, your business is a valuable asset to your community – but you also have complex challenges. You may be vulnerable to changes in the economy, extreme weather events, injuries to staff, product contamination and competition from powerful overseas brands. What’s more, as more retailers move some or
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What is business insurance? Your business takes years to build – but an accident or disaster could destroy it all in minutes. That’s why as a business owner you should help protect it with quality business insurance. With the right cover in place, owners can run their business with confidence, knowing that their premises, stock,
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What is home and contents insurance? Home insurance can protect you from financial risk if your home is damaged or destroyed and can also cover your home’s contents if they are damaged, lost or stolen. Who should consider[LM1]  it? More than often your home is the largest investment you will make, can you afford to
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There are so many different insurance brokerages out there, so why choose us? What makes us different is that we understand the difficulties of running a small business because we’ve been there. We understand the difficulties of running a large business because we are there. We understand personal insurance because we have it. Insurance House
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Have you thought to yourself “why are my premiums so high?”. A premium is the amount you pay an insurer for insurance cover. Premiums are developed by insurers when deciding how much to charge an individual based on the risk, and value of what they are looking to insure. The method to calculating premiums is