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Minimise business liability risks in today's complex regulatory world. We provide a range of insurance solutions to the Australian market focused on minimising the increasingly complex liability risks of today's professional world. Using our local knowledge, experience and expertise, we explore every facet of your business to provide a tailored solution to minimise risks and deliver significant cost savings over time.

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We can provide you with:

Directors and Officers Insurance

This personal cover for directors is essential should legal action is taken against them by shareholders, creditors and government bodies associated with but not limited to: wrongful actions, insolvent trading, breaches of OH&S legislation, corporations law, misuse of confidential or copyrighted information.

Association Liability Insurance

Specifically, for organisations across the diverse not-for-profit and community sector, this insurance offers you the distinct advantage of being able to choose from a varied selection of products, sourced from a wide range of insurers, and have them function together under the one tailored policy.

Cyber Liability Insurance

The need to be cyber safe is vitally important. The risks from cyber criminals increase year on year as they become more inventive in their opportunistic attacks. Having cyber insurance is as essential.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Designed to cover a qualified professional for claims arising from allegations of negligence as a result of their specialist services or advice may have caused financial loss to their customers; losses not usually covered by a general liability insurance policy. This insurance also extends to defence costs if any legal action turns out to be groundless.

Management Liability Insurance

Many private Australian companies continue to operate unaware of serious gaps in their cover for management-related risks. This insurance is far more comprehensive than traditional directors and officers insurance as it protects both the financial wellbeing of the company, and the personal wealth of its directors and officers.

Medical Malpractice Insurance

We can arrange tailored Medical Indemnity Insurance to suit specialised medical fields across all sectors of health, including institutions, agencies, surgeries and practitioners to protect against litigation costs should a claim be made, regardless of whether any negligence actually occurred.

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