365 Roadside Assistance

Insurance House have proudly partnered with 365 Roadside Assistance Pty Ltd for over 8 years to provide our valued clients with access to quality 24/7 Roadside Assistance services, 365 days a year.

Or call us 1300 305 834

We can provide you with

  • A jump-start if your battery is flat
  • Delivery of emergency fuel if you’re stranded
  • Being towed if your car can’t be fixed on the road
  • A message relay service if you’re in an accident
  • A tyre change service
  • Rental Car or Alternative Travel Assistance (Premium only)
  • Parts and Service Locator (Premium only)

For more information and a full list of benefits for the Standard and Premium Memberships, see the Membership Plan PDFs .

Features & benefits

National network of providers

Unlimited callouts

24/7 support

Access to the 365 Roadside Assist mobile app and member portal

Free access to leading brands through 365 Roadside Assist ‘s exclusive Rewards program. Download the app today to start saving!

Easily add multiple memberships in the one app so you’re assured help is accessible for the entire family.

Your app keeps you always connected to 365 Roadside Assist, so you can rest easy as you track the location of your Repairer.

Access to a dedicated Insurance House Roadside Assistance line by calling 1300 444 141.

"I was on the way to an appointment and battery was flat. Called 365 Roadside Assistance and within 30 minutes I was able to get going. ★★★★★"

John Merewether.



Roadside Assistance is provided by 365 Roadside Assistance Pty Ltd ABN 59 160 076 200 trading as 365 Roadside Assistance. Assistance is provided in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Roadside Assist plan selected. Before purchasing this product, you should make your own enquiries to determine if the product is suitable for your circumstances. Insurance House charge a fee to cover the costs associated with administering this product.

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