Psychologists Insurance

Insurance House believes that your time is best spent focusing on the well-being of your patients. We have designed an insurance cover specifically for psychologists giving peace of mind that you have purchased a Medical Indemnity policy that provides you with comprehensive cover meeting AHPRA standards, all while being amongst the most competitively priced in the market.


Over 4000 Australian Psychologists choose Insurance House.


Why do they choose us?

  • The policy is available for purchase online with instant confirmation
  • The Insurance House cover complies with AHPRA
  • Chance to save up to 20%* on their premium
  • Our claims team is bound by a service standard charter

It’s good practice to review before you renew to ensure you are not paying more premium than you should be. Compare your existing insurance against Insurance House online here.


Claims Case Studies

Custody Battle

A female psychologist was treating a child whose parents had gone through a bitter divorce, where full custody was awarded to the father. The mother of the child made a complaint to AHPRA claiming that the psychologist had been putting notions in the child’s head about her. The psychologist denied the accusations however the mother pursued legal action.

Although clinical notes supported the psychologists' version of events, and with AHPRA taking no further action the psychologist in question still incurred $4,503.00 in legal fees that were covered by her policy.


Breach of Confidentiality

A female Psychologist was treating a client and later got a referral from that client for her two sisters. An issue arose when one client discovered that the psychologist disclosed confidential information about herself to one of her sisters.  The AHPRA was notified of the disclosure and an investigation was launched due to confidentiality breaches. Legal assistance was provided to the psychologist and ultimately AHPRA handed down a caution penalty as well as re-education for privacy requirements. Legal costs of $12,500 were covered by the insurer, however, the psychologist was required to personally pay the privacy course costs.


Insurance House has a team of consultants dedicated to servicing our many psychologists and Allied Health professional clients. If you have a question about our cover or Medical Indemnity insurance in general contact the team directly on 1300 659 626 (toll-free) or visit us online to get a quote at your convenience.


*20% saving calculated based on Psychologists who have an income of $40,000 or more per year and have no claim history or perform extra activities.