New South Wales Builders Warranty Insurance

Insurance House is one of the leading brokers in Australia when it comes to Warranty insurance. Our specialist team is well placed and ready to assist NSW Builders with their Warranty insurance requirements and/or enquiries.

Insurance House deals with Corporate Scorecard (CSC) as agent for iCare NSW, the organisation responsible for managing the Home Building Compensation Fund (HBCF).

The HBCF covers homeowners for:

  • Loss of deposit
  • Incomplete and defective building work if their builder;
    • Dies    
    • Disappears,
    • Becomes insolvent or
    • Has their license suspended by NSW Fair Trading
      and the builder is unable to fulfil their statutory warranty obligations.


Broadly builders are required to obtain Warranty Insurance for residential building works with a contract value of $20,000 or over, however, there can be exceptions.

For example where the construction is of a new building greater than three stories and it contains two or more dwellings. A certified surveyor will always advise accordingly if Warranty insurance is not a requirement.

Choose a broker with a specialist, in-depth understanding of the building industry and is proactive when it comes to working with their clients to help scope and plan for the future.

Insurance House is experienced across eligibility requirements and assessment criteria. Our priority is helping builders understand the criteria they require to fulfil in order to gain eligibility upon their first submission. Helping to guide our clients through the eligibility process with simplicity and ease.

Get in touch with a member of the Insurance House Construction team by calling 1300 305 834 or email


Handy Links:

NSW Fair Trading  – Responsible for administering contractors licences in NSW.

iCare HBCF – The insurer providing builders with eligibility and certificates of insurance. 

SIRA – The NSW government agency responsible for managing compulsory statutory insurance including the HBCF scheme, Compulsory Third Party Motor Vehicle Insurance and NSW workers compensation insurance. 


Documents for Download:

Project Application for CIMS All Work Excluding Multiple Dwelling Projects
Project Application for CIMS Multiple Dwelling Projects
Builder Project Completion Advice
Builder Eligibility & Builder Profile Change Application