VBA releases report on combustible cladding

The Victorian Building Authority (VBA) has just published an Industry Alert that provides much needed technical clarity as to the circumstances in which combustible materials or products may be used in the construction of external walls of certain types of buildings.

The findings come just after a recent release of the VBA's External Wall Cladding Audit Report, an audit that was produced as a result of the Lacrosse building fire at Docklands in Melbourne in November 2014. This audit, whilst the first of its kind in Australia, is not alone.

There is growing suspicion that the NSW Department of Planning & Environment is concerned that upwards of 2000 buildings in the Greater Sydney area could contain non compliant cladding. Whilst Western Australia followed in the VBA's footsteps and is undertaking a audit of high-risk buildings in and around Perth CBD. These alarming reports have triggered the attention of the insurance industry, we encourage you to contact your Insurance House broker if you have any concerns about your insurance policies or coverage. Contact us toll free on 1300 305 834 or email your broker directly.

Download VBA's Industry Alert here.




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