New partnership with Careers In Insurance

An exciting new partnership has been announced between Insurance House and ANZIIF with IH becoming a Corporate Sponsor of Careers in Insurance, an ANZIIF driven initiative.

This is a terrific move, one made possible by Jim Karafilis, that aligns Insurance House with a great project seeking to raise awareness, change perceptions and provide channels to opportunities for young people keen to join the world of insurance. Careers in Insurance was launched earlier this year after ANZIIF research uncovered 77% of professionals under the age of 35 said that the insurance industry was invisible as a career option. In addition to the website the team behind Careers in Insurance is getting involved with universities and schools promoting our undervalued industry.

This new partnership couldn’t be a better fit for us at Insurance House, with our focus on establishing ourselves as an employer of choice. This is a great vehicle to promote all the wonderful career opportunities on offer here and also distinguish ourselves from our competitors. In addition it’s also opened the doors to a closer relationship between ANZIIF and IH with Annie, Michelle & Jasmine working on building ANZIIF skills units, which will eventually be available for their members.

Check out the Insurance House page on the Careers in Insurance website here





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