Need quick sales?

It’s common for most business owners to get so engrossed in the day-to-day hustle that they forget to focus on the activities that will keep generating sales. Here are five techniques that should help achieve your monthly sales targets:

Get To Know Your Best Customers. Profile Them.

Who are your most valuable customers? The ones who help bring in the profits? How big are the dollar figures they spend with you on a yearly basis. Why do they buy from you?

It’s essential to know and understand your products or services. But it’s even more imperative to understand the results your customers buy.

Talk To Them.

Even if they’ve been with you for a long time, set up a regular call to get some feedback or to simply catch up. Stay ‘top of mind’.

A regular chat reveals changing needs and any new factors that may influence their buying decisions. Prepare a few important questions in relation to your business then get a bit personal. Ask about family, kids, vacations, etc. If you can get the relationship to a personal level, it will allow you to get some critical information and build a stronger relationship.

Don’t Ease Up On Your Competition.

Identify and know who you’re competing with. Find out what benefits and values they’re offering their customers. Compare your pricing, value proposition and branding. Check their websites to gain insights. Once you feel you have a good assessment, develop three strategies that you can use in positioning yourself strongly and effectively against them.

Set Your Marketing Program Aligned With Your Sales Goal.

Marketing and sales need to work hand-in-hand. Even if you’re the guy wearing both hats for marketing and sales, you’ve got to plan your efforts based on the number of leads you need to generate your sales budget each month. If you need, say 400 leads to close 40 deals, know how many blog posts, emails, phone calls and Facebook ads you’ll need to to drive the traffic.

Refine Your Personal Pitch  

Running your own business makes selling you and your business the most important task.

Explain your business clearly. It will help build a continuing trust. Keep improving your sales pitch. Spice it up with new product news, a new award or even a brief customer case study. Don’t offer too much information – just enough to get them interested in learning more.

Most businesses will have peaks and valleys, but getting through the rough days is what’s going to make a difference. Keep assessing your results and be ready to act if there is any slowdown.






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