Low Cost Ways To Promote Your Business

Statistics show that many small businesses fail within two years of commencement. The principal reasons quoted are undercapitalisation and ineffective marketing.

Here are some low cost methods you can use to boost your business.


  • Social Media. Most businesses use social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn to reach potential customers. This is a great way to actually interact with clients at an intimate level. You need to first provide useful and catchy and relevant information that will attract an audience, and then you can answer their questions and show them you have ideas that can help. People talk – social media is great as a tool for interaction as well as brand building.
  • Email Marketing. Business owners wanting to reach a wider audience can kick start campaign with email marketing. You can buy a list from a list broker and use pretty well any mailing list app to mail and manage your campaigns. The kind of information you email out to your clients and prospects should focus on offering quality information before you start to sell. Have a form on your website where potential customers can sign up for updates.
  • Public Relations. Another effective way to promote your business is public relations. You need to start by getting to know the writers at newspapers, magazines, radio stations and websites that focus on your business area. Arrange to meet for a coffee and build a relationship. Share your passion for a topic related to your business and be available when they call. You will soon become the ‘go to’ person in the industry.
  • Update Your Website. Search engine ‘crawlers’ are on the look out for new content. Keep refreshing the material on your website. There is a saying that ‘out of site, is out of business’. It is especially true of websites. Build feeder sites that focus on a single product and lead people back to your main site. You can build a relatively inexpensive site using Weebly or Wordpress.





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