Business tools to enhance your wealth

The Internet offers a multitude of tools that can save you time, protect against risks and improve your knowledge.

In this post we look at some of the tools that can work for you.


Encrypto aims to keep prying eyes away from your private data. It works on both PC and Mac and gives you a simple way of sending encrypted files to a colleague or business associate. It’s sister product, Hider moves files into an encrypted vault for even greater security.


The scarcest resource for most of us is time. If you commute you can learn on the go.

Audible allows you to listen to books and absorb information faster than reading. You can listen on your smartphone, adjust the playback speed and learn from business authors. There are regular deals that can save you money and check out Audible’s Great Courses collection so you can learn while you listen.

Podcasts can also keep you updated on the latest tech and give you information about hundreds of interesting subjects.


Zoom is a really simple video webinar and conferencing tool that offers easy screen sharing and excellent video quality. It’s cross platform and includes a registration portal, ability to Join from Mac, PC, tablet, smartphone or telephone, and video and text Q&A. The system recognises the speaker and switches automatically to the person speaking. The free version will do for most people.


Most of us already have a mail system that works. If you are not using Gmail it is worth considering because of the extra tools you can use. Here are 5 that work well.

BombBomb to send video messages

Boomerang to schedule your Gmail to a more convenient time.

Sidekick to see When, Where and How Your Email Is Opened

Undo Send to give you a cooling off period before your email is actually sent out.

Canned Response to send out stored email responses such as reminders, thank you messages, and other regular messages.





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